Monday, November 7, 2011

watch the throne

I came, I saw, I conquered.

our sunday plans got canceled because of the marathon.
plan b was to check out one of the many cool museum exhibits going on these days,
but none of our friends in the city were able to join us..
so we went with plan c and got tickets for the Jay Z / Kanye West concert
for a spontaneous date night instead!! um, best idea ever~~~

here he comes~~~ :D

 I've been waiting to see him live in concert~~ finally!!!!

 this was my favorite part!!!! when the stage went up and the dog was barking - so bad ass..

and then it turned into a shark tank~~ siiiickkkk

representing NY~~ gotta love that swag. and Kanye rockin my fave givenchy's jacket~ haha

 fire balls on the other stage - what a show~~~

"all of the lights~"

they are so talented AND all the cats all night, I died.

I'll never forget this night!!!!!!!!!!! HOV LOVE


  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have like a formspring account to chat with some of your followers and answer questions more frequently. I would hate to bother you on your comment section all the time! Well I was planning visiting New York with a few friends this December time and I was wondering if you would recommend any places other than all the tourist attractions! Oh and something that people under 21 can do!

    Oh also, hope your fashion line is going well! Haha whenever you're taking interns I'd love to hear about it for I'm a fashion major!

    Congrats on getting married by the way! You two are super adorable! Sorry for the long comment!

  2. thanks for the comment =)
    I'll reply soon~~