Monday, November 28, 2011

game boy iphone case

I finally succumbed to the iphone4s!
 here it is in my apple world - with the GAME BOY case.

I still remember the day my mom got it for me in 1992... *sigh* oh, tetris <3
and this is my pc world - got this kid robot mouse pad as a gift from bo
(so I got the other one to match my apple world.)

 I also ordered this "chanel" case online
ya know - in case my game boy case is a bit immature for the occasion. ;)


and, oh yes! I am so excited to get phone calls!!
I downloaded "christmas nyan cat" fun ringtones - I. die.

and game of choice?? nyan cat: lost in space~~~


  1. I need that chanel iphone case! Can you please send me a link to it? Thanks so much =)

  2. I'm going to order the chanel case :) Does the edge of the case protecting the front?

    1. When it arrived - it did not fit the iphone perfectly.. I do not suggest getting that specific one :(