Wednesday, November 16, 2011


if you remember this post, I finally tried it on today~
(I would also like to take this time to take back saying planning is easy)

the "wedding dress" was denied by my mom,
so I am going to wear it for my engagement shoot instead.

problem is - it requires an updo. I'm so much more comfortable with my hair down,
and I'm worried the photos won't come out well with my hair up..

anyway~ the last time I got my hair "done" was for prom.
so help me pick a picture to show the hair stylist for my engagement shoot~
I like the looser styles because my right ear sticks out =P

"high/low/side", "center/side/no part", "neat/messy", "straight/wavy/curly", "loose ends", etc~~

 I can't pull the slick back look because of my lop sided ears.. so don't pick this one!!

(I like this hair style from when I was "young")

after the wedding, I'm going to chop my hair, get bangs, and dye it brown again!
fresh for the honeymoon =)


  1. i like the low or side bun w/ side part, wavy! i like pics 1, 6(j.alba), 7(v.hudgens),& (lost count)t.swift hair.

  2. p.s, do you any restaurant recommendations? i'm going to see a play @ gershwin theater over thanksgiving vacation & am trying to decide on a place to go for dinner preferably nearby...maybe Italian or something? Looking for a cute romantic place to go w/ the bf! And if you have time, do you have any ideas for a cute outfit to catch a broadway play/dinner when its chilly out?

  3. miranda 2, vanessa & alba 3?
    I see you in something loose, wavy and natural, (like that whole side part with loose waves, slightly pinned back, beachy up-do) rather than the sleek & tight up-do...
    some more pics if you need (it's in the middle of the post):
    I think there's probably newer images on too~

  4. i like the First 2,
    and the one of Alba, but the first one of her's
    and the taylor swift with bun slightly to the side.
    seems like u look good with side part and with volume on top & slightly wavy... which is why i chose those.. :)

  5. oh i also love looking at frieda pinto for hair inspirations. She always looks natural & elegant.

  6. Hello! Just an opinion, seeing the dress would help a lot if you wouldn't mind showing it by email or something teehee! (I'm the anonymous follower who asked about where to go in NY... Sorry not being a creeper I just don't use blogger I use tumblr if you want to see that I'm not psycho haha.) Well I preferably don't like the hair styles since they're very typical in my opinion. Maybe try something with a waterfall braid but it always depends on the dress.

  7. i like the 1st (wgite shirt) and the 3 (mustard dress)with Jessica Alba. I think it will suit different with different style dresses.

  8. Jessica #5 and the Taylor Swift style. Loose, sexy and with a little braid. Can't wait to see engagement shoot pics!

  9. i did a low side updo for prom way back when :) i covered my left ear though! i remember asking for a hybrid of lindsay lohan and gwyneth paltrow's side updo's!

    how about a mix of the #1 and the jessica alba styles?

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