Monday, November 14, 2011

december nyc to do

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Hi,  I was planning visiting New York with a few friends this December time and I was wondering if you would recommend any places other than all the tourist attractions! Oh and something that people under 21 can do!

hello, this one took me a little longer to get around to answering.
I've been thinking as well as asking my friends,
and the most common answer has been, "nothing!! stay inside~~"
well, that's not helpful~~...

here are 2 exhibits I have been meaning to check out that are going on until jan:

maurizio cattelan at the guggenheim museum
this is definitely a breathtaking view~

carsten holler: "experience", at the new museum
it looks really fun and interactive!

of course, there is ice skating at rockefeller center, bryant park,
wollman rink in central park, and sky rink at chelsea piers

you may want to check out for the specific dates you are in town.
it is extremely extensive with pages of events each day~
a concert or karaoke is a fun night life activity for under 21
but with all the shopping and restaurants, you are guaranteed to have a blast!!

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