Wednesday, November 2, 2011

kaftan krazy


hank stated today, "you are NOT a bridezilla.
you are a HONEYMOONzilla."
seriously - growing up, I never dreamed of my fairytale wedding.
rather, I was always excited for the honeymoon!!
I have a checklist of what we need in the rooms.
oh just something like - a cabana, infinity pool, 4 poster bed, and an elephant shaped towel~

everything is almost booked! now I just need to wait 6 months~..


  1. oooh gorgeous~~~
    and YESSS to infinity pools! honeymoonzilla ftw!
    (hank sounds like such a cutie btw!)
    xoxo Diana

  2. It would be really useful if you put where each piece is from. I <3 the cream/beige one and would totally buy it if you linked the image to the designers page! Just sayin'. :)

    -big fan of your blog from SF!

  3. some are not for sale anymore.. it's google images so it's hard to keep track.. most of my fave ones are from cavalli or pucci~