Sunday, November 20, 2011

theater district

sue said...
do you any restaurant recommendations? i'm going to see a play @ gershwin theater over thanksgiving vacation & am trying to decide on a place to go for dinner preferably nearby...maybe Italian or something? Looking for a cute romantic place to go w/ the bf! And if you have time, do you have any ideas for a cute outfit to catch a broadway play/dinner when its chilly out?

hey! that's right in my neighborhood~
I went to pasta lovers today actually - it was good,
but it is hard to find a "cute" restaurant in the theater district..
there is also maria pia for italian, which I haven't tried yet.

here are more some places you can look into;
I just used google maps to see what's around - (these are spots I've tried):
danji - "cute" and very delicious tapas style korean food
sugiyama - nice "date"
del friscos - really yummy steak.. we wanted to go here instead today actually
pure thai - really good thai, very casual.
yakitori totto - there is usually a long long wait, but worth the wait!

I'd honestly just wear what I was wearing shopping in during the day,
to the play at night.
you won't be out of place in a really nice dress, or even t-shirt/jeans~
so I'd go with something clean and in between.

I hope you have a lovely time!!!


  1. thank you so much for taking the time to post this!! Also, those engagement pics you posted are beautiful, love the black&white dress. :]

  2. Lol, Maria Pia has an awesome prix fixe, and some of the best Caesar salad~~~ I would go try!!!