Wednesday, November 30, 2011

stocking stuffers part 1

our first xmas tree arrived!!
it's a tiny one.. but nonetheless exciting.
so I went researching online and came across a couple things

 cat lipstick by Paul & Joe - too pretty to use, no?
these guys make me wish I didn't already own a shower cap!
by Urban Outfitters

 speaking of shower, how funny is this?

I'll be going to Urban to get these jeff koon inspired ornaments for myself!!
they'll make cute apartment decorations after the holidays too.
no need to pack them away~~

 anthropologie's mitten garland. woo, should I make popcorn ones?

my ideal xmas ornament - I will somehow get this on my tree...
we were going to get it, until we saw that the shipping was $7.00!! =(
plush nyan cat from etsy

shana london's smiley clutch!
orlando vacation?? yes, that's what I wanted.. but flights were out of control!!..

* I added an xmas gift poll to help everyone's shopping - in the right side column *


  1. cute picks! very you :))) adore the jeff koons ornaments
    that cat lipstick...omg, how'd they get it to look like that, and how's one supposed to just use it and destroy the poor kitty?
    re: the post below
    Yay, glad you liked it. And yuppp knew just where to find it ;) Upon seeing it, I immediately thought of you! It even featured that kitty-ear rain hat :D it's a purrrfect editorial indeed, and darling just like you ;p hehehe. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Have you been to Anthropologie lately? They have some of the cuuuuuutest tree decorations. Little woven ones that look like those Japanese felt DIY things. Kinda like this - but more holiday/festive. :)

  3. As for apps, I have PuriKura which is the sticker photobooth company and it's good. You should definitely be on Instagram if you aren't already! And SmileCat is really cute -