Monday, November 14, 2011

some answers

Anonymous said...
hi trish!!! i was shopping the other day and thought of a question to ask u.. if you were to buy a classic ralph lauren sweater, would you go with a tight one or a baggy/loose sweater? and how would you style it??? i'm so stuck here..:( i need your help!!! and one more question! i love marni/lanvin necklaces. and i think they are really good investment! but they are quite pricey$$$$. do you know of any other stores/brands that has similar neckalces with a cheaper price point??? 

hey there~ thanks for asking. hmm, I tend to buy my sweaters a little loose.
especially when it comes to sweaters, I like to feel cozy and comfortable.
but I looked up how ralph styled it, and I like their "classicly smart" image.
I like the clean up do, the belt, and a little bit of heel goes a long way.
I also agree that it looks better without a necklace and opting for a cuff instead.

as for the lanvin and marni necklaces options, here's our original inspiration:

I found that anthropologie has some great affordable alternatives:
you can get "the look", by mixing and matching - also with pieces you probably already have

good luck and happy shopping!


  1. maybe try DANNIJO, really cute, affordable new york based jewelry

  2. OMG! this post is so helpful! thanks trish! i'm heading to RL tomorrow!:)

  3. love this post! the necklace options are fantastic~ love the blue/grey/aqua one :D
    and the nail polish below is so cool! loving these new style posts~~~
    great nyc exhibitions, would love to be able to go see them :/
    xoxo Diana