Sunday, November 20, 2011

prepping for the engagement shoot!

my photographer was 30 mins late,
and bora was over to help me get ready, so she was our impromptu photog! :)
we "practiced" by taking some silly shots while we waited~

fixing my gosh darn hair!!!.....

(remember this painting I did? I moved it to the bedroom from the living room)

he's reading his wine book and I've got my vogue, of course~

(cute masks from h&m!)

thanks bo~~~~*~*~*


  1. i really like the bed pics.. reminds me of rachel zoe's pics..
    you guys are such a beautiful couple..

  2. you guys are so cute. and i love the grey dress, girl! where's it grom?

  3. Beautiful photos! So sweet!!!

    Fashion Cat

  4. "THREAD social"

    my friend bora was going to give it away so she gave it to me!! she's the best~ :)

  5. If these are just the practice shots, I'm floored to see what the professional shots will look like!

  6. Love your shoes! Super cute photos :D