Saturday, July 31, 2010

"trish" and paris

recently went on an inspiration trip europe to "think about life"
...and eat macarons of course

hello, an intro to myself, and my new blog -

I'm currently a part of the small, yet amazing design team at Marchesa<3
being there, it has become a huge influence in my life
however, I am soon leaving, and will be on a journey of many new adventures

I thought this might be a good time to start a fashion/art lifestyle blog -
to inspire & perhaps some do it yourself tips?

come with me as I discover what's ahead and enjoy*

my first post: speaking of Paris..
a collection I looked at today.. Christian Dior 2010 Couture

working at Marchesa, it is impossible not to be drawn to these flowers
I am crazy about color, and how luscious is this show!

I didn't prepare any tips or diy today,
i just wanted to dive into my first post and say hello :)