Friday, December 31, 2010


get your celebrations on betches
because 2011 is going to be epiiiccccc


we're off! goodbye 2010.
time to mingle into 2011!

(my next three posts, including this one, will be automated)

weekend already

time to pack up for my weekend~*

love birds

sometimes I end up on graphic design websites
and come across amazing finds like these bird houses!
I want. madame cuckoo~ haha too sweet..

if you are what you say you are

I woke up and I instantly had a floral idea inspired by my dream.
to be revealed in a few months for my favorite ladies.


2010 was a year of patience.
I am going to bust some balls in 2011.
stay tuned!

favorite project

I think this look is officially becoming the favorite thing I worked on.
georgina is wearing it in this month's Jan 2011 Instyle magazine
(also did the purple thing in the background..)

I ordered it for myself, but apparently
they messed up the sizing so it's too huge - oh well
would've been cute for new years!

I'm so over all the marchesa posts, so hopefully this is my last one,
but I am loving nicole richie's wedding dress!
especially the way it poofs and the lace tattoo
(oh hmm, the rose artwork looks like it could be one of mine)

bridal related things are catching my eyes more =)
I want to start making some white chanel paper flowers


yesssss~ I was soo happy I found my snowboarding jacket yesterday~
it was lost for months..
and I wore it happily at mountain creek on the new powder snow!

I love it so much I bought a men's jacket.
it reminded me of mcqueen's smoke print at the time I bought it
I want this pillow~~
and this rug!
the rug company came out with a mcqueen line.
they know what's up.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 blind mice

tonight was nice. where I was, and was not.

rip off knock off copy cat

xduring my daily "research",
I came across a fun website of bitter fashion followers.

everyone who works in the industry knows,
it's almost not a big deal.. because, well, everrryone does it.
yes, even the greatest fashion houses.. not just zara.

I've had conversations with my lawyer friends,
my opinion on copy right is almost taking away a sort of, tradition.

christian lacroix prefall 2009
givenchy fall 2010

valentino spring 2002
zac posen resort 2010


victorias secret

prada fall 2009
lanvin spring 2011

these are just a few of millions of examples.
don't even get started with vintage pieces...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

good luck charm

today was a great day! vacation is in full swing.

I asked my sister to braid my hair for me this morning,
but we forgot.
I taught her how to learn how to drive manual instead.
she learned perfectly without stalling. I'm so proud.

hmm, going on my wedding hair-do options.

omg of the day

I look through hundreds of images a day,
I'm almost makes me numb to all the amazing fashion out there..
but this picture made my eyes have a deer moment.

she's gorgeous, vintage, retro, natural, geeky, chic, elegant,
sophisticated, modern, romantic, effortless, stylish.. all in one. =D


ohhhh, no wonder I'm sore.. one hour of shoveling..
to do what I gotta do.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I started sketching again today in my sketchbook.
I plan on being committed to this project for a bit.

and it reminded me of my favorite artist..
you know when something is so special to you?
... you don't want to share it?..

he showed once at a gallery near my old office..
my little secret, Beau Chamberlain

p.s. I got my first blog "fan email" today =)
hi P.C. - thank you!

blood diamonds

whoa.. I woke up and got snowed in...
and ended up watching 7 netflix documentaries,
1 sermon and several Ted lectures..

I learned, it was evident that "money is the root of all evil" afterall
(from 'Collapse' and the oil crisis, and proven by the next string of movies.. =T)

but on a lighter note,
I finally got around to watching the Valentino documentary
this is not one of his, but his inspiration. fantastic!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

don't forget christ in christmas ;)

happy holidays!

yay, I'm glad the gift guide posts were a huge success.
a lot of friends, and moms received things on the list,
and even I received some as well.

this year, I realized why people give gifts
more than when we're together,
but being thought of when I'm not there,
and the sacrifices it takes - it truly feels like christmas spirit.
a special thanks to the few people who know they made my holiday,
and know me so well - the best gift of all is you!!

is it christmas morning?

I plugged in a string of lights to try to feel festive.
but I guess it was broken...
I'm going to have a litto tree with my hun next year
so sall good =)

Friday, December 24, 2010

xmas eve pig out

[insert fashion magazine image of a girl eating in a christmas ornament sweater]

I'm so irritated I just saw this image and I can't find it anywhere on my computer now.
Imma find it.

update: today is march 16 2011. I found it.. in my "misc google part 2" folder..~~


I took leftover bits from my last DiY post,
and made this geometric necklace

Thursday, December 23, 2010