Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hump day

ah, wednesdays.. either you miss your weekend,
or you are planning the next one

last saturday was my ideal saturday.
aite, time for some food recommendations!
I know you guys love that junk.

had afternoon tea with my girls at
Lady Mendl's Tea Salon
56 Irving Place
go hungry, they serve 5 courses!
but save room for my favorite cake in the world...
crepe. layered. cake.
(side note: Megu serves this in green tea flavor)

and a memorable date night at
Otto Enoteca Pizzeria
1 5th Avenue
I can't decide if the prosecco was the highlight,
or the extremely affordable and delicious entrees,
or the reason why we went in the first place -
olive oil gelato~~! the peanut butter flavor was good also

the dim, cozy and homey atmosphere was perfect
for the chilly winter weather at both venues.
even with all the new spots on my list I want to try,
I am still definitely going back in the near future.

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