Monday, December 6, 2010

gift guide

hey, did you guys do your holiday shopping yet?
I know there are some boys who follow my blog - hope this is helpful

here are some of my fave picks this season from online shopping.
(or from last season - on sale now)

for the lovely ladies in your life - your gfs, sisters, or even yourself.

flats are every girl's staples and this marc jacob mousey never gets old
I have them in white, all beat up now, and I could use another pair

for a fashion forward girl - alex mcqueen leggings

miu miu flats always make a casual outfit chic

doo.ri's padded shoulder tank top for an effortless look

for an edgey girl, try this mcqueen necklace

mary katranzou dress for special occasions
or stella mcCartney, both have great prints

never too old or young for a fur coat, or faux fur coat

a classic bag in a fun and chic color

fallon earrings

louboutins - need I say more


  1. the purple ysl is beautiful

  2. woo.. I want everything! What fur is the jacket? and where is it from?
    love the miu mius, I have them in black and they're great.
    Happy Holidays!!