Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

is this scary?

maybe if you are a guy..

this makeup effect seems asian face specific

let's see.. standard cover up for smooth skin,
then 3rd picture is of her adding shadow for a "nose job" illusion.
color/shape eyebrows,
japanese "circle" contact lenses for bigger eyes,
someone said she's wearing eye lid fold tape.
add fake lashes, (oh and girly top) and, voila~!!!


I've been wearing my "work out clothes" everywhere.
even if I'm not planning on jogging - shop, eat, explore ny~..
it's kind of great to be separated from fashion & nothing is as comfy as my sneakers!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

DiY - crop top

once upon a time, I had a blue dress.
it was one of the first things I got when topshop came to ny.
dresses have memories, and I want my blue dress to have a fresh new life.
so I wore it one last time this weekend :)

then I sent it to the dry cleaners (not a true "DiY")
along with the little pom pom trim
and had them CROP IT!
it's really short. a real crop top.
too bad they threw out the rest of the fabric. I could've made a cute turban =T

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on the verge

just when I thought I couldn't look at another fur item in this weather...

april nyc eats

this one has been feeding me very well.. :)
(even packing me lunch~ notice my new double chin of happiness?)

april isn't over yet, but with the new warm weather,
and many reasons for celebration/gathering,
I've already had quite a few memorable meals this month.

so I picked 4 of my faves from midtown,
and 4 downtown to recommend.
(sorry uptowners! unless garlic fries at yankee stadium counts~)


Megu Midtown - 845 United Nations Plz # B
known for their japanese kobe beef on a hot rock,
I would definitely suggest trying to schedule this venue
for restaurant week - same amazing course for a fraction of the price..

Del Frisco's - 1221 Avenue of the Americas
absolutely hands down the best filet mignon I've ever had.

Yakitori Totto - 251 West 55th Street
you can't order a wrong item of the various perfectly cooked skewers.
be prepared to wait at the irish pub across the street,
there is sure to be a wait for this tasty "japanese street food" no-resie venue~

44 1/2 - 626 10th Ave
not to be confused with 44 & X right next door! (also equally good)
I have been hearing about this spot from several people already.
it being just around the corner from our apartment,
we had to try, and the hearty brunch did not disappoint.
(I want to go back for their dinner menu before we move out)


Abe & Arthur's - 409 West 14th Street
your typical meatpacking/new american restaurant.
delicious food and I thought it would be fun for my friend's birthday.
because for dessert, they have "inject your own filling" donuts on a ferris wheel~

Freemans - 8 Rivington St (it's in a "secret" alley)
the multiple cozy rooms and quirky taxidermy decor is the best.
the flavor of the food seems to have been upgraded since my last time years ago.
 my grilled whole trout was beautifully prepared with all the bones removed,
and pleasantly stuffed with lemons. perfection.

The Lion - 62 West 9th Street
we finally made it here with the girls~ it's a very large open space.
if you love bacon in everything - this is your spot.
I thoroughly enjoyed my fresh (baconless) endive salad appetizer.

Ping's Seafood - 22 Mott St
finally! a FEAST for $15 (after tip and tax)
it was so fun to have dim sum in chinatown- what a great triple date idea!

not pleased: 2 midtown locations
gramercy tavern - their mussels was pure fishy flavor!
sushiden - multiple orders later, I was still hungry...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

reunion part 3.5

annie's last day in ny - nancy you are with us in spirit~


I absolutely became obsessed with satin pants
after I saw marchesa's resort collection 2 seasons ago

and now the look will be available at j.crew!

DiY - espadrille makeover

backstory: I want to bring a pair of wedges to Italy,
but I don't want to buy more unnecessary things to clutter my closet..

cue old (comfortable) pair from 2007 - now how can we freshen you up?
I bring up the idea to my friend, purple, of painting the straps red.
she suggests painting the sole instead. actually,
that's a great idea because the sole has gotten so dirty over the years!

 you will need: a little bit of fabric paint and a brush.
the fine brush is optional for getting in the grooves,
however, adding water to the paint will equally help the straw soak up the color

(I was surprised the project took a few hours..)

 the paint turns out to be a pretty darn good cover up after all,
and it definitely feels like I own a completely different pair of shoes now!

inspiration: louboutin's panier wedge I recently saw at barneys

Sunday, April 24, 2011

my favoirte holiday

is easter - my favorite holiday! and it's so not about "fashion"..
however, I want to watch a movie in bed
so had to pull some things as quick as possible

 I am obsessed with these peeps dunnies from sopurpleish!
my favorite candy meets my favorite toy~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

essential make up

I couldn't find a good picture of it online, so I decided to take one myself,
I guess it's the darnest thing to photograph. strange. I got my slr back!

I've been using cvs products, but finally admitted it's crap.
went back to shiseido's very water resistant liquid foundation.
it matches your skin tone and it's 42 spf!
I used to use the stick version, but the liquid is smooth and I love it.

cat painters

in response to my previous "DiY - tropicana" post - anyone can paint!
if my cat can do it, you can do it.  painting is a technical skill that simply takes practice.
it's creativity that hopefully tips from my blog can help you with.
where there's a will, there's a way~ :)

a sweet little inspirational cat book :)
I am a bit obsessed with cats.
coco and bucky are coming to my city apt in just a few weeks!
should I try this on them? perhaps not, I like my apartment clean..

cats paint you say? it's not new. it dates as far back to egyptian times
(also check out elephant paintings.. pretty remarkable)

 painting from the middle ages

poster from the victorian time period 

cats paint from observation

notice the green tag
a page from the book
a cat who finished a painting

Why Cats Paint presents a cogently argued theory based on recent evidence which clearly supports the view that some cats' marks are aesthetically motivated and should be regarded as genuine works on non-primate art."
- L.A. Art Times.