Monday, January 31, 2011

DiY - blingbling

these necklaces are so beautiful,
but I can't find the right one to buy at the right price..

the impatient and frugal side of me went to a trim store.
this glue is really strong and you want to do it in a well vented space.
place your trim on the ribbon as you please.

buy chunky earring sized appliques and stitch onto hooks.

(I braided my necklace)
it's so easy I made these waiting for my laundry

now I need an excuse to go out~ stay tuned~

Sunday, January 30, 2011


slowly working towards my dream room...
took a trip to ikea yesterday. let's rephrase. very slowly.
starting with replacing the bed.

 my boy's future bed?

I could do this right now... somewhere warm please~~


swung by the gagosian gallery on madison ave today,
and these playful images saved in my folder,
reminds me of their equally colorful collection.

meet the fockers

well that went well

Saturday, January 29, 2011

what to wear - winter date

Hey boyfriend, I got a comment from Angie who has a date on Sunday. She needs advice on what to wear. Can you give some thoughts from a man's perspective?
BF says: You have to feel good in what you're wearing because confidence is key. Most guys don't really understand fashion, as long as it looks like you put some effort in to it and didn't just throw on a baggy shirt (like my first date with Trish) then it will send him the right message. You want to look sophisticated and sexy, but not slutty. Be weather appropriate. A mini-skirt in the winter is trying too hard. 

What do you think of layers?
BF says: Layers are good. Especially in the winter. But there should be a fitted layer in there somewhere that accentuates your figure. You don't want to wear six baggy layers.

I think a small bag would be better, it's flexible to all venues. 
BF says: Yes, go small. You don't want to look like you're living our of your bag. Unless you actually do. Then he has the right to know beforehand that you are in fact, homeless.

BF says: Wear them

And make up?
BF says: Make up is individual-specific, but it's better to err on the side of less. You don't want him to be shocked when he wakes up.
(Trish adds: in the future) (BF adds: or that night, if his game is tight)

We both agree on wearing jewelry. I suggest dangly earrings because they frame your face and it's flirty.

Here are some images we picked, we turned to our most datable girl, Jessica Alba et al. Mix and match according to time of date and degree of casualness.

have fun angie! at the end of the day,
it's about the chemistry and enjoying the company. ;)
I have to go to work today, fashion week is coming up~
but I will try to squeeze in hair and make up for you soon as I can.
thanks for asking!

Friday, January 28, 2011

what to wear - interview

hi "anonymous"! thank you for your comment asking
what to wear to a bergdorf interview?
since I work in fashion design, I can usually get away with "any" outfit.
so I called my friend annie kim - she was a buyer for bergdorf before her move

we had a lot of fun chatting, and even found some things for ourselves along the way
well here are annie's tips from experience (and insider info):

let's go from head to toe.

sleek hair can give a professional impression.
take anna wintour, queen of the fashion business world for instance.
she's a great example because next is make up.
go light. pst - bergdorf likes a very "natural" look.

save the costume earrings for a night out with friends, and opt for a classy stud.
don't overdo the jewelry unless it's a smart necklace ie. marni.

clothes? it's new york. you can never go wrong with black - it's always chic!
back to anna - I love that she's in black, but the texture is stylish. 

let's jump to the bottoms for a second.
she suggests a full skirt, like the preen one below, with tights, or wide leg pants.

it's winter, and you can never go wrong with a blazer either.
pair it with a sophisticated print scarf.
I fell in love with this mcqeen one. too bad it's $800..
(let's consider this post "inspiration")

these are also good looks annie found on
depending on the position, consider flats or cute booties.

now, bags. it's an important accessory.
you want it to be big to fit your resume, with some structure. ie. not a small chanel.
our friend bora saw a girl interview with this vernis bag
and her outfit made this bag look like a perfect interview bag.

well, good luck on your interview and thank you for following!

regal romance

my favorite neck details from valentino spring couture 

Thursday, January 27, 2011


after I went to the marni store in soho (above image is balenciaga)
I've been inspired to use every day parts of plastic to create something.
possible future diy?

samurai fabulousness

maybe I am jaded from the industry,
but when I saw this collection, I immediately imagined the givenchy studio,
.. putting on the helmet and gasping~ "wowwww... fabbbulousssss"
and they probably had inspiration images like the one below on a board

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

minimal baroque

Prada is producing a limited run of 500 pairs of the fantastical eyewear from their spring 2011 runway to be sold in stores in February at their boutiques. It’s fitting that Prada enlisted fashion illustrators (Ivo Bisignano, Marcela Gutierrez and Andrea Tarella) to sell sunglasses that are like mini works of art. Prada will be releasing two more models from the Minimal-Baroque collection in April.