Tuesday, January 11, 2011


my "career" as a painter lasted 4 days (lol oy, not what I planned..)
and I am back as a fashion designer~

I applied to Naeem Khan this morning
(need $$$ for a NYC staycation with the girls this month :D)
and I start full time tomorrow until the fashion show~*
why do the companies I work for always show on my birthday?!$#%

Naeem is the only designer and does everything himself
so it will be an amazing opportunity to work with him~

the studio is gorgeous and sooo luxurious!! and everyone is so warm*
I feel like I landed a dream job from an employee's perspective

tottaaallyyy did not see this coming - working full time..
but I'm really excited! I can't sit still for long....


  1. congrats! sounds sooooooOO exciting!!!!

  2. super yayyy! hope it's a fab & wonderful experience for u!!!

  3. yay!!! how ecxiting~~~~~ but boo~no more lunch dates!!! :(