Friday, January 28, 2011

what to wear - interview

hi "anonymous"! thank you for your comment asking
what to wear to a bergdorf interview?
since I work in fashion design, I can usually get away with "any" outfit.
so I called my friend annie kim - she was a buyer for bergdorf before her move

we had a lot of fun chatting, and even found some things for ourselves along the way
well here are annie's tips from experience (and insider info):

let's go from head to toe.

sleek hair can give a professional impression.
take anna wintour, queen of the fashion business world for instance.
she's a great example because next is make up.
go light. pst - bergdorf likes a very "natural" look.

save the costume earrings for a night out with friends, and opt for a classy stud.
don't overdo the jewelry unless it's a smart necklace ie. marni.

clothes? it's new york. you can never go wrong with black - it's always chic!
back to anna - I love that she's in black, but the texture is stylish. 

let's jump to the bottoms for a second.
she suggests a full skirt, like the preen one below, with tights, or wide leg pants.

it's winter, and you can never go wrong with a blazer either.
pair it with a sophisticated print scarf.
I fell in love with this mcqeen one. too bad it's $800..
(let's consider this post "inspiration")

these are also good looks annie found on
depending on the position, consider flats or cute booties.

now, bags. it's an important accessory.
you want it to be big to fit your resume, with some structure. ie. not a small chanel.
our friend bora saw a girl interview with this vernis bag
and her outfit made this bag look like a perfect interview bag.

well, good luck on your interview and thank you for following!


  1. OMG!I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT! thanks so much trish!!!i think i read this post more than 6 times! heheh~a gain, thank youuu much for all the useful tips!!!!:D (and annie)

    p.s do you have any tips for the interview? im super anxious right now! my interview is on tuesday!!!!>.<

  2. oh, and i think im going with the stella mccartney blue scarf look! tres chic! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tips! I'm going in for a med school interview in a few months and had no idea what to wear but, these tips are great: natural, black and simple!

    I also had a request:
    I'm not good with make-up or doing my hair and I just adore your make-up and hair and was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you apply your make-up and do your hair? I would really appreciate it!
    I'm going out on a "date" this Sunday but, I don't know what to do with my hair and what to wear.....sigh~