Wednesday, January 26, 2011

get to know: calvin

our SUPER intern! conquering NY from a small town in MA.
I'm a sucker for hard workers, so Calvin makes it so easy to be adored.
the always perfect hair doesn't hurt.

what does he do everyday? sing and laugh. 

all time favorite moments in fashion?
D&G's fall collection and Balenciaga's super pointy shoes!!

rockin tingly teeth courtesy of crest whitestrips

favorite hang out spot?
goes downtown to Elmo where they have a fun live dj

in his room?
the original 1911 Peter Pan complete with all the amazing illustrations

you always look sharp - any fashion tips for men?
a tailored shirt with a skinny tie always looks smart.
you just need 3 of each: basic blazor, shirt, & fitted jeans to mix and match

and how about accessory advice?
a great briefcase. it's masculine and powerful, and not metro.

"can't live without patent leather shoes!"


  1. love his patent leather shoes! totally pulls his whole look together~

  2. omg. so adorable! love this article.