Thursday, January 13, 2011


hey all, I am without my computer
my droid is not so smart afterall, though blogspot is google

so, what would you like to see more in future posts
what was your favorite post

since I can not upload pictures,
I'll take this time to better cater my posts for my viewers

I hope everyone recovers quickly from their colds
and I hope u astrix like your surprise exclamation mark


  1. Enjoyed everything, and because I lack creativity, it's nice to look to you for it. Give me what you got!

  2. I follow it everyday! I've been following you since xanga - can you post more personal life pictures? Great blog girl!

  3. i love ur posts patty! :) i dunno if i can pick a favorite...i like all ur posts cuz ur so creative & i love looking at life through ur eyes. i want more posts on ur artwork & the city lifeeee~ by the way i love ur cat painting u did just a few days ago. it's so beautiful...i love the colors u used! thanks <3

  4. love your pictures of fashion inspiration & your diy creations! yup, and totally love your style & clothing choices...where do you buy your stuff?? :]