Thursday, March 31, 2011

cue dramatic music

in response to my earlier post,
our ipad2 is here!!!
(it's being set up, it will say hi to the blog world tomorrow)
now to decide on a cover :)

I think I found mine~~~~...:

garden of marqueyssac

beautiful garden connie wants to visit in france!
can I go with you?

uni panini

we'll take 20 of those please.

if I love you. I thought of you.
I want people I love to try this.
it is that good. think, wasabi and butter.....

@ el quinto pino on 24th st. near 9th ave.
I heart my new foodie club. everyday of the last day of the month :9

world's smallest real things

"You're as cute as a..."
"Escape with me..."
"I'm sorry. I wish I could take it back."
 the letters & packages come with magnifying glasses

mame-cam dx mini camera takes up to 8 mega pixels 

 and of course, must end with this.
it was eaten by two people after cut in half.

for jcrew

I love coming across Carolyn online!
she was the first look and made me want to click on the collection.
(though, I don't think the rest of the looks lived up to it's opening page.)
they put the perfect girl in the perfect look. we love you girl~


where is our ipad2......
some graphic design for ya

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sergio rossi


bye love

I've finally accepted it. it is officially too warm to snowboard.

manish arora

beautiful illustration by Natalia Sanabria, 27, San Jose Costa Rica

move over braids

 how did I miss the detail of this weave?
I miss junior high school. I would've totally tried this.