Tuesday, March 1, 2011

on to the next one

it really feels like yesterday I wrote my Jan 11 post,
but the show has already come and gone,
and I have been lucky to stay with Naeem for even a bit longer.
it is such a lovely office, and it was truly a wonderful opportunity~

I love when the possibilities are endless~
I am such a free spirit and I can not wait to wake up tomorrow!
I never went to fashion school, so I'm itching to make my own small collection.
maybe this is my chance~~ I want to start with a little dress!! get it out of my system..

on that note, inspirations~~~~
(it's show time and the fashion freaks are not holding anything back.)
woo! I want to steal my boyfriend's watch. literally.
and the neon necklace looks like a fun DiY

how interesting. never thought of that, a shoe in a shoe!

however, first thing on my 'to do with all my free time' list?: 
buy running sneakers and consider my health!

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