Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ksubi eyewear

on moda operandi right now

just cavalli resort 2013

is it just me? or can this be applied to every look by anyone?


 mary katrantzou

matthew williamson


looks like they've been doing their homework on previous trends?

pool side

he truly is my best friend - we have so much fun with just the two of us ;D
hahaha, awww I miss this..

we used to wake up and roll out of bed into a pool in our backyard~
good morning~~ still in my robe..

mud packs from the hotel

our spacious room~~~ what I would give to go back?!
the bathroom had an indoor and outdoor shower at alila villa

awake and ready to jump in now!! woohoo~~
hank kungfu-ing into the pool!!
  tea time?

chilling in the cabana in our room~

more swimming in the main pool

a beautiful infinity pool that hangs off a cliff over the ocean


 breakfast by the pool

and lunch

adventures to be continued~~

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I cancelled the celine bag~~!! I actually feel relieved..

look what's sitting on my shelf - been so stressed.. retail therapy <3

anyway yes, so, I went to soho to meet my sister and we walked into miu miu for fun.
I spotted and wanted this bag in hong kong! it's pretty rare so I was happy to run into it~

it's a small everydayish shoulder/cross-body bag.
if you know me, you know I'll never tire of miu miu's hardware :)

I usually stay away from anything pink, but was debating the pink version~

speaking of hardware - I like sophie hulme's buckle tote!
wish I had seen this before I got the awang bag~
 and I still want the trapeze bag~ the black and white one? :X

celine bag

yummy or not?

I never planned on getting the celine, but over the weekend,
a salesman somehow convinced us and we reserved a red micro!
I have to see it in person, but sounds like a really cute bag~

here is somebody with the micro size - the mini is too heavy for my back problems..

I like the red ones in tri color too, but maybe all over red will be less seasonal for the long run?

I love these colors for the all over color ones!
though I find these colors more difficult to match with outfits..

if I didn't just get the awang bag in cobalt, I definitely think celine looks great in cobalt

or the trapeze? I like that less people have it,
but with those jutting sides, is it going to be a classic?
 I would be happy with any of these!!:

should I stick with the red micro or get something else later??

Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial day

so sad the weekend is over...!!!!!
2 picnic days, 1 bbq and 1 beautiful hiking trip later - I am natured out~~
the weekend reminded me of our honeymoon.

remember when I found the rice paddies images on google and fell in love?
this was the reason why we booked our trip to bali:

Saturday, May 26, 2012



I love a gooood pig out day. love not having to worry about wedding weight!!