Wednesday, May 30, 2012

pool side

he truly is my best friend - we have so much fun with just the two of us ;D
hahaha, awww I miss this..

we used to wake up and roll out of bed into a pool in our backyard~
good morning~~ still in my robe..

mud packs from the hotel

our spacious room~~~ what I would give to go back?!
the bathroom had an indoor and outdoor shower at alila villa

awake and ready to jump in now!! woohoo~~
hank kungfu-ing into the pool!!
  tea time?

chilling in the cabana in our room~

more swimming in the main pool

a beautiful infinity pool that hangs off a cliff over the ocean


 breakfast by the pool

and lunch

adventures to be continued~~


  1. love! i randomly was just babbling myself, that i have 193 days til' our next island vacay. hope u had a blast <3

  2. Your trip looks so wonderful! You are so cute!!

  3. Amazing photos! You look great - love all the poolside action shots!

  4. Where did you go?? :) and where are your bright blue sunglasses from??

    1. This is Bali.
      The glasses are from topshop but over a year ago...

  5. love your cute bathing suits...can i ask where you got them? I'm going away to St.Thomas for my 3rd yr anniversary with my husband and can't seem to find ones i like, but yours are so cute!

    1. mine are pretty generic actually! mostly victoria's secret~
      have a blast!!! and congrats~!!

    2. we had a great time...thanks!!

  6. 언니 you are such a 멋쟁이!!! seriously love it ㅎㅎㅎㅎ ><

  7. Which resort is this? Gorgeous!