Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DiY - espadrille makeover

backstory: I want to bring a pair of wedges to Italy,
but I don't want to buy more unnecessary things to clutter my closet..

cue old (comfortable) pair from 2007 - now how can we freshen you up?
I bring up the idea to my friend, purple, of painting the straps red.
she suggests painting the sole instead. actually,
that's a great idea because the sole has gotten so dirty over the years!

 you will need: a little bit of fabric paint and a brush.
the fine brush is optional for getting in the grooves,
however, adding water to the paint will equally help the straw soak up the color

(I was surprised the project took a few hours..)

 the paint turns out to be a pretty darn good cover up after all,
and it definitely feels like I own a completely different pair of shoes now!

inspiration: louboutin's panier wedge I recently saw at barneys


  1. oooh~ turned out so goood!!!!! i kinda love it!!!

  2. what a fantastic idea! love all your DIY's. so creative :)))
    xo Diana

  3. oh i wanna do thissssss!!!!!!!!!