Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DiY - tropicana

this collection is everywhere
(I can't quite stand the zara versions though..)

so I was inspired by 3 things.. see if you somehow relate:

1. I really can't spend money on shopping right now
    but I want something new.
2. I have a nude skirt whose color doesn't suit me 100%
    therefore, I only wore it once or twice and can afford to spice it up
3. the monkeys by prada
    I started with just the monkeys, but the layout kept growing from there


tip: symmetry!
I've been professionally doing layouts for a few years now,
and it is definitely a trick - almost any design can look edgier.
how? do one side, and make a photocopy as a stencil!

sorry, I know I wanted to paint again,
and some of you may disregard this as a "DiY" for yourself.
then I suggest a "brush stroke" effect which may be less intimidating.
let's look to lela rose and ysl
or dare to go grand like dolce & gabbana! ;)
tip: brights are in, so let the colors shine


  1. omgggg i love ittttt!! can u paint me one toooooooo??! on a leather skirt? a patent leather skirt??!

  2. amazing!!! i love the monkeys :)

  3. how frickin COOL!!! awesome job!
    love the design :DDD

  4. what kind of paint do you use and where can i get it?

  5. what kind of paint do you use ?