Thursday, November 3, 2011

petit h

waste not~

Hermès’s new line, Petit H, begins in a French workshop filled with odd bits of hardware, remnant silk swatches, and slightly flawed porcelain—excess materials given a second youth by the whimsy of house artisans. A discarded scarf becomes a pleated Collier d’Air necklace; scraps of Taurillon bull calfskin leather are stitched to make a panda. On November 2, some 2,000 Petit H creations will debut at Hermès’s New York Madison Avenue flagship ($40 to $100,000; select items also available online).

$2000+ door stop with a kelly bag handle
 $106,000 panda bean bag - the foot is green because they ran out of black imperfect leather
imperfect scarves turned into goodies
SUPER COOL. I bet there is absolutely nothing left at Hermes..

speaking of...~~
remember our little chanel princess from last year?
she's all grown up and graduated to hermes!
hey - I'd be that happy if I were a birkin too! :D

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  1. patty!!! that little girl is the daughter of a good friend of mine based in SF! ?Her name is Natalie and her amazing mama is Therese=)

    -Nicole Hernandez