Sunday, November 20, 2011

givenchy meets versace

I didn't think I'd paint again, but I needed some givenchy in my home.

so I made a huge collage of their previous prints~
it's a bit sparse because I only had 2 days worth of time to work on it... but that's okay~

and it matches my new versace shopping bag!!

can I take this time to give out a "bestest best friend award"??
bora got me 2 of whatever she was able to grab!! how awesome?!!!! =D

 cute hangers, and an empty ring box - but the box is more fab than the ring anyway


  1. whoa...the painting is too cool~~~ so pretty and fierce at the same time. such a cool contrast with the panthers, and flowers. love that center foliage/flower design.
    and awesome bf indeed! ppl have been going crazy over this versace collab. I feel like it gets crazier with every new collab.
    Hope you're having a Happy Sunday!

  2. ps. you're too talented to stop, so please keep painting!

  3. I'm addicted to your blog! I love that you're into art. ^^