Wednesday, May 25, 2011

24 hrs

I can't believe how fun it is~ it's been 24 hrs since we started planning
and my fiance and I already almost strangled each other at least 15 times (once for each topic hahah)
but I am thankful how involved he is though. what would I do without him~

at the end of the day, our goal is to just have a whimsical, fun, intimate PARTAY~!~!!
so many friends have reached out and volunteered to help in all their talented ways!
I feel sooo loved and I'm really touched~~!!
another special thanks to connie, emmy, ahyun, gihee and ssongee~~*

spontaneous me found my wedding dress online~~
and I bought it instantly - without trying it on!
(I never shop online and it wasn't what I was planning on wearing either,
but it's like, my favorite designer - can't go wrong..)
I wish I could post the picture, but you'll have to wait!!!
for those who know my plans - it's a secret~!!
now I'm super excited~~~

I feel done. I can get married in less than a month if I wanted to.. but it's an entire year away =(
wedding planning is not that hard once you know what you want~ (I think.)


  1. definitely a statement dress!! cant wait!!! btw love the squirrel biting into the cake!! is that real?

  2. ooh sounds like a winner!
    and what fantastic friends! And sounds like sweet man~
    it's def easier if you know you want :) I had a friend who was a tad on the indecisive side and majorly stressed about everything which took away from her actually enjoying the process. Major props to u for getting things done so quickly :DDD what a pro~
    xo Di