Tuesday, May 31, 2011

flower district

my friends told me to consider doing my own flowers to save money vs. a florist~
(I was a graphic designer for a wedding planning/flower company
and I estimate florists mark up about 5 times more for labor, etc.)
anyway, it never crossed my mind - I was surprised it was possible or an option~
on top of that, I didn't realize there was even a flower district in manhattan!

so I went to check it out today, and I am definitely going to do my own flowers.
I came home with a huge bundle of silk flowers which I can start prepping already.
(doing everything to prevent myself from stressing close to the wedding)
at this point, I personally think fresh flowers are overrated for a wedding...
I was surprised though when they told me they don't get wedding customers
I love fresh flowers in my apartment though =)

I plan on keeping it simple - I'd rather use my budget on other aspects of the wedding,
though I am very tempted and excited, I have to remind myself it's just for one day...

for those who are interested: well crafted silk flowers are the same as wholesale price
& vases at bulk (dozen) prices are also ridiculously affordable there.


  1. ooo awesome idea!! thanks for the tip :]

  2. oooh love the 2nd & last pic~
    using silk flowers is such a great idea. you'll save time, and labor costs, and you have awesome skillzzz, so i'm sure it's going to look beautiful! can't wait to see what you come up with :D
    xo Diana

  3. congratulations! what a beautiful idea...why didn't i think of that?! good luck on the planning, hopefully you will have enough time. :)