Tuesday, May 24, 2011

positano pictures part 2

we lost our digi cam in Rome, it had a lot of the sillier pictures.. :(
but we still have the pictures from our dslr~
here are the rest from Positano

the amazing breakfast we had from our room every morning with the view..
we would sun tan here during the day and relax between meals sometimes

the local delicacy - sardines. surprisingly delicious~

romantic tea time with the hubby to be :)

trying langoustine for the first time~
I don't think it can be served better than this way, @ max

our final sunset.. thank you again dear.. :)

only stray dogs in Italy would be caught eating spaghetti~


  1. aww cuties! and that dog...!!! :DDD
    u look so pretty in that dress~~~ Positano looks simply fantastic.
    can't believe all the miniatures you've collected!
    and your art is seriously sell-worthy~ love the little clothes hangar idea & that painting (?) off the woman with the leopard and flower applique... and your tea set too. your art and aesthetics possess a feminine/cute/whimsical and ethereal quality. loves it~ keep the inspiration going and hope you have more stuff to show! whoa...this is a novella.
    xo Diana