Saturday, December 10, 2011

these boots are made for walkin'

it's a coincidence I got asked the question in the previous post below,
"how do you recommend piecing items together in a stylish yet comfortable way for the winter"
because I had the same dilemma!
I don't practice what I preach. I always say, hot shoes can make t-shirt & jeans look fabulous~
but I wear my uggs basically 7 out of 7 days a week...
I'm tired of feeling like a married old woman who gave up on looking attractive.
so when hank and I went to xmas shopping today (it's a zoo everywhere!),
I made a desperate detour to the shoe department~


isn't it such a big difference from the "before"?
(I took this picture when I tried on a hat, but the hat didn't come home with me...
hence, the chopped off head in the picture :P)

the boots came in a beautiful big red box~
the graphic designer in me still loves packaging..
I usually buy shoes from aldo, so a nice splurge is thoroughly appreciated~

 I love the simple, yet sexy, design of the studs~

... so how do these replace uggs you say.
they are knee high - to keep me warm.
but best of all, the heels are not high~ so I can walk in these all day :)

more shopping adventure phone pictures:
(tried on more booties and snow shoes)

bora and I spotted sharon osbourne at barneys last night


  1. LOVE the shoes! I am obsessed with Valentino's studded shoes this season...the flats are on my wish-list!

  2. i was there last night too. that that guy from the last pic. i think he's name was ronny? he was my sales guy~~aw. wish we ran into each other! it was a zooooo~~~~~~~

  3. Love love love your new boots! I also love Sharon Osbourne! I watch The Talk almost every weekday. :)

  4. hi could you tell me where your coat is from? i love it! thanks!

  5. Thank you - topshop last winter