Saturday, December 24, 2011

last min xmas shopping

we had the honor of being the recipients of a real secret santa today!
someone paid for everyone's meal at the restaurant we were at for lunch~
he paid secretly by writing on a napkin and left.
it was heart warming and brought everyone at the restaurant together.
and in turn, we payed it forward with a big tip.
makes me wish it was christmas more often because we all have it in us.. why wait for an excuse?

while xmas shopping, we finally found a clock!!
he hates it but I've never had an object call, "PATTY BRING ME HOME"
louder than this right hereeeeeee~~~ woohoo!!
and somehow I convinced him to hang it above his p.c. - *shrug*

 enjoying my xmas gifts =D
a lot of you have been asking about this phone..
I think she got it in korea?? it was a gift, so best of luck on google folks~~
they have other colors at urban outfitters.

 you can find some cute shops at the columbus circle gift stand.
"speaker genie" is pretty amazing. am getting it for bro-in-law. - it's much cooler in person, using a styrofoam box - so sick..


  1. hi trish, i love your red tunic your wearing under your jacket...can i ask where you got it?

  2. hey guys - it's actually a red tank top by doo.ri - I got it about a year ago either on gilt or ebay

  3. saw this and couldn't resist sharing with you - Necono Digital Cat Camera -

  4. haha that's an awesome camera!! now if only I didn't have a million cameras... =)