Saturday, December 10, 2011

what to wear - tis season

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "would you know my name":
Do you know any great websites (like zappos) where I can find affordable, great quality shoes, clothes, and accessories?
Also- how do you recommend piecing items together in a stylish yet comfortable way for the winter (and for a ski trip?) 

hi there~ I will attempt my best to answer in 3 parts

1. I enjoy buying affordable clothes in person, especially when it comes to trying it on.
but I have visited & a couple times
and found that they carry a good selection.
I will leave this open to suggestions from readers,
as they were very helpful with the "seeking make up artist" post~

2. I've been meaning to take a look at the new prefall collections anyway.
here are some inspirations and notes for a stylish yet comfortable winter:
throw on mix matched sleeves + textured coats

the right gloves give any existing work outfit a style boost

hmm? oh, you think my sweater is "cute"?
 style is all in the attitude girl~

cat eye shades and oversized sweater

 unexpected leather instantly updates the sweater you still have from high school

a cozy parka with bold "I'm here!" colors

3. ..... are there boys on this "ski trip"?? ;)
I personally love ski trips, because it's when I go for the love of winter sports,
and my chance to totally forget about fashion, and pack all the sweats I own.
sweats and a sense of humor can be sexy too.
everyone loves a down to earth girl - I wouldn't stress~~
 my advice would be to hit the showers as fast as you can because stinky is not cute.

but here are some cute ideas suggested by anyway~ :)
 be careful on the slopes! hope you have a blast~


  1. such cute and fun ideas!!! Makes me want it to snow

  2. Thank you so much this was extremely helpful (and not gonna lie, felt kindof honored hehe) and yes there will def be at least ONE boy there, my bf lol but even almost 3 yrs in I still want to look my best for him! "stinky is not cute" cracked up when I read that HAHA yes I tend to stink up easily when I'm being more active than usual so I'll remember to keep that in mind! Thanks for the website suggestions as well- checking them out now! (I also wear my uggs WAY too much and I've been looking to buy a pair of hot yet comf boots, love your valentinos btw! I need to find a job asap so I can start BUYING.. haha anyways thanks a bunch!!