Tuesday, December 13, 2011

underneath my xmas tree

someone asked me to post my wish list - this year, I only had one thing on it.
a chanel bag~~~ these days, I only get a bag itch around the holidays
(we ended up returning our bags from the "chanel party" trade post..)

from the hubby~ this is his fault.. for starting a "tradition"
.....orrrrrrr - my non stop dreaming drove him off the cliff. :X
either way, this is the best present I ever got in my life!!!!

trying it on at the store:
this XL bag is light as air! I can't carry heavy bags anymore because of my back problems..
(there's a really cute little miu miu bag right now, but it weighs 100 lbs o.O)  

I love the fluffy shape - it has 3 compartments, giving it it's name, the 'chanel 3'

and not only is it buttery soft, the color is gorgeous, can't wait to wear it~~


  1. It's beauuuuuutiful!! I love everything grey! haha... you are so lucky!! My boyfriend bought me my first chanel for my birthday back in Aug. I want another one so bad, but I feel like I should get another one until a few years from now! haha... >_<

  2. My husband and I saw this one today! I was so thinking about getting the red one but ended up getting the 2.25 cream! I love xmas! :)

  3. yes! same size! at bloomingdales chanel in OC south coast plaza!