Wednesday, August 31, 2011

etsy - romantic mini skirt

I got a skirt from topshop and totally forgot I had it.
it was too edgey, so to soften it up, I painted some flowers.
I love contrast~ now you can wear it casually or out - day or night! and it's non seasonal.

I just put it on etsy for $75, but now someone convinced me I should keep it,
so I took it down - it's a US size 6 aka small/medium.
any takers?? I won't wear it incase someone wants it.
if you do - simply comment, and I'll put a link back here to the etsy store~


  1. whoa...this so fabulousss!! those flowers are beautiful~ i love how it transforms the skirt into a whole new look!
    ps. thanks for the comments! it means a lot coming from uuuu :D

  2. if you wear it and take a picture of your cute self in it.. you can sell it for over $500!!! muhahaahhaha ;)

  3. This is beautiful Patty! I would be so interested but I am a size 4 at topshop. :( If you ever happen to make one in that size...I'll be first in line. ;)-grace han