Monday, August 1, 2011

featuring astoria: a bday feast

for sungmin's birthday, we ventured to astoria, where our friends took us around!
after having "crack fried rice" for brunch (peruvian/chinese ribs & chicken over fried rice),
we headed out for more food and of course, drinks!

the queens kickshaw
40-17 Broadway, AstoriaNY

beer tasting: evil twin yang (denmark) & the northcoast old rasputin (ca, usa)
justin and I shared our beers~ ..or he might say, I took his =X
I preferred the orangey flavor of his yang, more than the chocolate of the northcoast

paired with: we practically ordered every type of grilled cheese on the menu

sweet afton
30-09 34th St, AstoriaNY

 cocktail tasting: cucumber collins & sweet tea
I'm a sucker for the fresh cucumber numbers.
my birthday buddy from the south went to his roots and tried the sweet tea.
*major thumbs up for both*

paired with: munchies! from burgers to deep fried pickle~
this was a first for me. after fried oreos, I am realizing you can fry anything.
it was my personal highlight, because I love pickles~~~

not a drinker and not a traveler?

the next day, bora and I had our own feast day in manhattan.
because, every day is feast day when we get together = not good for brides to be..

after a spicy korean lunch @ bann - 350 W 50th St (in my neighborhood to be~~),

we headed to ed's lobster bar for a late dinner! bora's treat~ :9

they are known for their lobster roll - a whole lobster on a very buttery, tasty, bun
after this weekend, I opted for the salad side as the waiter jokingly rolled his eyes


(b - let's give it the benefit of the doubt and not mention what happened after ed's on my blog... OY!!!! typical us.)

I feel bad I had all this fun without my fiance all weekend.. =X. poor guy is always trapped at work.. :(

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