Saturday, August 27, 2011

on a nicer saturday

we watched a movie, and now I decided to pass some time on the internet
before my power potentially goes out..

can't believe these are pictures from last week - feels like a month ago! o.O

dino necklace I came back to stalk, when I bumped into my favorite girl, natalya~~ <3 

(I didn't end up getting it because I thought the joints moved, but it's still cute on~~)


good things come in threes!!
*CHEERS* the brides and bridesmaids! + grooms
so awesome & crazy how we are all engaged at the same time~~

haha, we look just like our other halves - match made in heaven~~* 

I wish we all lived in one city together, and have more triple dates..
it was so fun!! and so much to celebrate - thanks will!!

freds, located inside barneys - must try the lychee panna cotta

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