Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my world

in lieu of fashion week, I present you my new humble home studio... :)

 it's in our living room - I sort of took over "his" work computer

I love world maps - as is our shower curtain.
it's because I'm ignorant and need to learn my countries =/


a working hourglass inside glass~ from a recent flea market adventure.
apparently, it comes from maine. sweet, aint it.

if I put things away, I'll never use it.
I've been meaning to buy film for this camera for over a year now.. 
I heart my piggy pencil sharpener.

I sewed today and I was so happy I remembered how.
he loves to watch me work up close. curious cat!!

uncurious cat....

okay~ back to work!! I'm working on a small, tiny.. "collection" is a big word.. "mini collection"
started this morning - I was inspired by the simplicity of tibi's show yesterday.
it's refreshing to see really sellable pieces after having worked on so much couture.
let's see how it goes~~


  1. such a cute work studio!
    oooh la la mini collection? good luck good luck!!! It'll be fantastic to see :D

  2. everything in your world is so cute and pretty! can i live in your world pattiecake?? miss you love :)