Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paul McCartney's Ocean's Kingdom Ballet

thank you gihee (and connie) for the ballet~~*
it fascinates me to no end how graceful the human body can be~~
truly beautiful, and costumes were well done by Stella McCartney - wished it was longer!

when I met paul mccartney...
... I know it looks like I attacked him, haha.. but honest to god, true story:

I was standing with my back to him - as you can kind of tell in the first picture
(so I can get a picture "with him" when he walks by)
when he stopped to say to me"oh! you're a yankee!"
I admit, I was star struck and there was a good 2 seconds of silence with my jaw on the floor.
so I hugged the guy~~!! he's a frikkin beatle~~ what did you expect me to do?? :P
I have good luck w/ celebs - I've also been to games where jay z, brad pitt, larry david, etc. were there~

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  1. GORG!!! I absolutely love following your blog!! Keep 'em coming