Sunday, September 25, 2011

still smitten

last sept, 27, I posted "smitten", where hank and I had our first date after the night we met.
he took me to the art fair in dumbo, brooklyn. I didn't even know his last name at the time~

we visited the rocks where we sat most of the time, and they were covered in a cute art installation!

beautiful sounds were coming from the drawers to make music

 listening to peaceful water drops

can I take him home?? @ an aluminum foil art studio

walking over the brooklyn bridge to chinatown.

I love how there are no scratches.. can't stop staring~ :)

went to harry's birthday party in lower east side afterwards, exactly how we met last year!!
it was a perfect day~ I had so much fun and was so happy!!


  1. happy one year patty!!
    These photos are really cute and love the dress

  2. hehe love these photos pattycakes <3