Friday, September 2, 2011


in my previous post, I suggested wearing heels to maximize your height in a maxi dress.
but as much as I love love love the magic of heels, I wear flats 90% of my life.

hence my discovery - it works so much better than cushions, or gels,
which make your feet feel tight in your shoes.

stick these blister version band aids on the ball of your feet -
the area just under your big toe.

they have just the right amount of cushion and I can walk a marathon in any heels!
even if the bottom of your shoes are straight up wood~

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  1. omg does it really work? i bought some pairs of miu mius & louboutins but they hurt like hell and so hard to walk in them ! i can barely walk around the house! :( do you have any tips on how to train myself to high heels? ahhhhhh