Wednesday, September 7, 2011

miracle on 55th street

(not quite, but definitely one of the biggest coincidences that has happened to me)

3 blocks away, I discovered a market owned by koreans - so they also sell korean groceries.
(yay! no depending on hmart) there, I slip my phone in my dress pocket to free my hands.

on my walk home, the pedestrian light is blinking red.
it's drizzling, and without my umbrella I scurry across the street to the next block.
within a minute, I'm already in my apartment elevator.
as the door is shutting closed, and I stand still, I realize.. my pocket feels empty!

I hop out. oh no, I haven't lost my phone in ages....
I quickly jog back. I mean, if you live in nyc, someone will pick that sh*t up and sell it.
I find there is no phone on the streets to be found, and I end up back at the market...

(I know it's not there), but I ask anyway..
I'm waiting for a tall young man to pay for his water, but I can't wait!
"excuse me, I lost my phone. did anyone return a phone here?"

the man turns around, "what does it look like?"
I reply, "... a droid?"
he says, "I know where it is."

he gets his change and I follow him.
we leave the store. as I suspected. he's not saying much...
I must have missed it on the street, so I ask, "...was it on the floor?"

he just says, "this way.", and we quickly walk 2 blocks.
we're headed in the right direction, but I'm always skeptical,
and why weren't we walking faster? what if someone picks it up in the meantime...

then I look at his face - you know how some people look "nice"?
yeah, he looked good hearted and trustable.. so I keep on his toes.
even though he was walking at a normal pace, I still had to walk one and a half steps to keep up.

then he tells me, he lost his phone on monday..
and when a lady found a phone on the street and no one claimed it,
sympathizing, he felt bad for the person who had lost it.. and he watched the lady,
as she returned it to a different grocery on the corner.

we go in and he says, "there, she has it, can you see it if you tippy toe?"
I try but there are too many people.. after a bit, the lady at the register holds up my phone!


the man who helped me was walking to my market while I was walking home.
and we crossed paths in between..

if any of the events were a moment off,
I would be miserable and at verizon right about now...

but the moments aligned perfectly, and I wondered if he was an angel.
not. but probably a good son, brother, husband or boyfriend to somebody else.


  1. THat is amazing!!! I'm glad you got your phone back.... YAY!!

  2. Patty! this story made me really nervous..i thought u got kidnapped by that man! your such a good story teller. i'm glad you got your phone back tho!