Wednesday, June 13, 2012

elephant park

my husband planned the entire honeymoon.
I only had 3 requests that we do - here is the first one:
ride elephants~~~

trainer riding a 3 year old baby

they had 2 baby elephants born in 2009 

hank feeding one

 this is one of the mothers, and also our elephant, Ramona

 bath time~

 I was a little nervous she was going to dip us honestly :P

 talk about perfect timing~ can you spot it? :X

it's a peaceful ride, feels like you're on a boat, swaying to and fro

I love this elephant portrait by an elephant named Debi!
I hung it in my work space as a reminder to not take life so seriously sometimes.

play time~

 my other 2 request? coming soon~ and then some!


  1. aww so cute!!! i love elephants :DDD and oh my poop!
    i hope they treat them very well because they're just too precious~

  2. looks like so much fun! :D that is for sure on my to-do list!

  3. So awesome! I love that you are showing us your photos by bits and pieces. Gives us something to look fwd to~ And i love ur reason for framing & putting that elephant portrait in your work space. Thats such a good reminder... we all need that..