Wednesday, June 20, 2012

givenchy scarves

when joyce saw the painting in my apt - ..remember my givenchy obsession?
of course she let me know the next day that the scarves were on gilt~

I was in a meeting, so I called the hubs and asked him to buy me two before they were gone -
one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter :)
I wore them with a studded headband (from urban outfitters)
and bracelet to match the "stud" theme on the scarves

here they are open:
yes, I love the pantherrrs, but - when they are folded, it's just mush.
so I got these for the great borders and colors.

next? - I spy their tote~ but I will have to pass :( $$$
... or wait for them on gilt? :)


  1. oooh pretty pretty! hahaha hank to save the day!
    especially love your look on the left~~

  2. did you cut and color your hair?? looks nice
    love givenchy!!!

    1. yes - I just did it after the wedding before the honeymoon :)