Thursday, March 15, 2012

nancy's wedding preview

here are my photos, I can't wait to see the professional ones :D
and even more from my friends~

up really early to get our hair done in the beautiful willard hotel room in D.C.
 us being us. ya know, classy ladies~

 the bride looks like a porcelain doll!!

 during group photos session~*

 oops!! hehehe, maid of honor doing her job well!

this photo from the balcony does not do the venue justice.
it was i n s a n e !!!!
beyond any celebrity wedding in any magazine~
how gorgeous are the drapes, gently blowing against the tall columns?

my first time standing as a bridesmaid - it was such an honor :)

oink!! hyunmin's "to-die-for" vintage judith leiber  clutch~

 cocktail hour

 oh my~ enchanting french band!!

 the perfect cake

awww, I admire her father so much, that hank told him he's jealous of him~ keke

beautiful clear chairs, flowers, etc.

we're next~~ but boy oh boy, they set the bar so high!! :P

I'm thankful for ted!! I couldn't ask for a better man for my precious friend Nance~~
they are truly "made for each other"
 looking forward to spending more time with you two this summer~* woohoo!!

hahaha, bridesmaids don't want to leave the dance floor

 at the after party at the W hotel - simply stunning~*~*