Friday, March 16, 2012

outift of the day

so bora and I were doing out usual closet swap - we were trading new pants for a new dress,
when she offered to sell me this sweater for a steal! duh, I bought it without even blinking.

 this is what I am wearing to the meeting with the florist
oops, hope I don't give the wrong impression

(and yes, I take back what I said.. about doing my own flowers
I was getting too much of a headache trying to imagine not having a flower crew.
we set aside a small decor budget, but at least I can relax about it now!
I will still be doing some silk flowers - like flower petals, and other minor details)

anyway, it also has zippers to open on the shoulders - nice detail~


  1. Remember you from the Xanga days. Amazing collection - you are so talented!