Monday, August 2, 2010

"not so" cheap eats

Dinner or Brunch

todays feature was inspired by today's groupon
($50 worth for $25)
recently went there with a friend, and every dish is fresh and delicious
and $25 is a DEALsorry you have 1 hour left to buy this!

i've only been there twice, but i recommend:
Sea Bass Kara-Age
Claypot Rice
(first two pictured)

but my real post is about le gascogne

it has a european feely garden
and if you go for dinner, you may shell out $100
however, their brunch is a steal! especially for nyc
(if you can fit it all in your belly)

3 course meal + cocktail for $22

feel fabulous and bond with your girlfriends or have a sweet date
without hurting your wallet too bad

bon appetite!

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