Friday, August 13, 2010

DiY - $0 couture

in response to my "kitty tattoo" post and comment:

save yourself from having a tattoo forever
and $75 for the temporary chanel ones

friday night? drop on a couture accessory - for free

draw with a pen and white eye liner - using a mirror

more ideas from their collection:

if we were facebook friends back when this was my profile picture..

I thought of it before they came out with the temporary ones - ;)


  1. what kind of pen do you use??

  2. i dont know if you can tell, but i just did a quick job -> using the closest pen by me. ball point!

    i would suggest trying a line on your hand of different writing pens and depending on where you are going, test how easily it comes off.
    if you are sweaty at a club for instance- use waterproof. if you are going to work the next day in a tank top, use something you can scrub off easily in the shower

  3. by far, one of the coolest DIY's. It actually looks really cool & natural on you!