Saturday, August 14, 2010

DiY - buttons fix up

so, I let my guy friend try on my bracelet..
I guess he was eager - because it snappedgood thing I own two
I told him it costs me $200 and that he owes me
boy was he relieved when I told him "jk" it was $6 (get em @ st. marks - nyc)

and I immediately knew I would turn it into a project

well... there is this old skirt I made a couple years ago...
its literally a rectangle with an elastic band.
I copied the simple shape when I went miu miu in soho

I laid out the studs, but felt like it wasn't enough,
so I poured into my buttons also

coco is not the best fit model.. and sleeps on the job

added black buttons trickling towards the bottom
I agree with coco chanel about not over accessorizing

but.... oh why not!

shout out to justin cho - this post would've never happened without you


  1. I love how you laid out the buttons and studs on the skirt (love the color too!) It really gives the skirt that extra something to make it look special~

  2. hi patty! this is tracy (annie's friend :) i randomly stumbled upon your blog..i love it. you're so talented! btw, that male chinese model in that pic is a friend of mine from random is that!