Sunday, August 29, 2010

easy to breezy

a simple day's "tips" list.

brunch @ sarabeth on 57th st has been becoming our to go spot.

tip: the Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes are always good for sharing

enjoy a stroll.. how do you make a super "casual look", look cool?
like my friend bora here

tip: comfy wedges vs. say... flip flops.
cute shoes make any outfit!

fall is in stores! and leopard prints! I'm buying fur and it's 97 degrees outside...
you better grab the interesting things because they are going fast~
.. so the bergdorf goodman salesman says

tip: invest in a good simple piece, such as fur. you will still wear it in 20 years
don't spend a fortune on everything in your closet.
mix and match - I can wear this over a faux leather jacket from h&m.

 do: cut your hair, and get a car wash - when you want a fresh start.


  1. i dont get whats going on with ur hair in the last pic.. wait, did u cut it shoulder length?